Reception Robot
Veera Reception Robot is an interactive show bot that can make an impressive first impression on your potential customers.
Veera is Aimed at a broader market as a company spokesperson (you can say spokes-bot) for your company or a receptionist robot, which can be useful for important office tasks and routine works like security inspection, changing the access codes of premises, meeting and interacting with your clients and much more.
Veera comes with camera, microphone, speaker and some sensors, all hooked up to a touch sensitive screen (for information requests and confirmations), and also a business card scanner.
Also Veera can take a picture of you and send it directly to any person you want or it can even act as a videoconferecing tool that allows you to speak to your visitor even before seeing him/her.
Veera comes in a variety of models, suited for different purposes. Some has speech recognition, text and image recognition, facial recognition facilities and beam projectors in its arm. Versions equiped with learning capabilities are being developed currently.
Security Robots
Vaskoe develops a variety of Security Solution Robots. Vaskoe uses its Proprietry Technologies for Security Solutions like ethernetPro for internet based Video Streaming and WebController for controlling machines over the internet.

Vaskoe's smartECG technology is used for individual identification with 95% accuracy just by getting momentry touch by their hand in a way that they even will not know that their biometric information has being taken.

smartFace is a similar technology for facial recognition which is being used in both individual devices and Robots.
Vaskoe develops autonomous robots with learning capabilities which can secure your business, buildings and houses from unwanted conditions and can be customized for necessary steps taken by the robotic gaurd.
Room Cleaning Robots
Its a New Millenium. Science has advanced. Time to take advantage and release yourself from the drudgery of vaccuuming. Room Cleaning Robots are significantly making their presence in the consumer electronics. Vaskoe provides you the Solutions for Room Cleaning Tasks. Under normal conditions, which can be able to navigate a living space and its obstacles while vaccuming the floor.
Home Automation System
Vaskoe provides solutions for automated and semiautomated systems in your buildings,houses. Vaskoe can design Automated Doors which opens when someone carries the Id Card.
Enhanced Security parameters like face recognizer, smartECG ECG scanner can be employed.
In home automation range vaskoe provides you automated appliance handling or remote based appliance handling solutions.
Customized or order based Automated solutions are available.