Industrial Robotics
Vaskoe provides customized Industrial Robots Development Services. Vaskoe develops autonomous mobile and manipulator Robots of various kinds including Welding Robot, Assembly Line Robot, Heavy Duty Robotic Arms, 2 Wheel Walkers, Huamnoid Walkers, Mission Critical Robots used especially in manufactutring process.
Vaskoe works at various levels of Robots and Programmed Machines Development including Design, Mobility, Manipulation, Perception, Human Robot Interface, Autonomy, Packaging, Power Supply & parallel Robotics.
We have experience in a wide range of Robotic applications including; MIG welding, Spot welding, Pick and place, press to press, Dispensing, Quality Control, Packaging, Forging, Plastics and much more..
Medical Science
Vaskoe develops Smart products for medical sciences.
Vaskoe is involved in developing full proof security and Identification system based on ecg, face and finger print detection.
SmartECG is such a device aiming to produce low cost ECG solution. You just need to connect the device to the personal computer or smart phone and you can see ECG details on the fly.

Supporting the medical sciences, Vaskoe provides services to develop cost effective new technology products like assistance robots, patient caring robots, Autonomous chairs and other smart products.
Military Services
Some believe the future of modern warfare will be fought by automated weapons systems.
Vaskoe provides services for the development of robotic solutions to support the Armed Forces and Defence Agencies to create a better, more flexible and poweful Force.
Military Robots can be used to help in detecting mines and diffusing of bombs or unmanned arial vehicles can provide a birds-eye-view of territories for military troops.
Vaskoe provides all terrain Robots and Wheeled Mobile Walker Robots which can be customized to develop a fully-fledged Attacking Robots and Medical Robots to help carrying wounded soldiers.
Training Services
Vaskoe provides both inhouse and Onsite Robot Training on Setup, Operations and maintenance of vaskoe robots. The training includes classroom sessions together with hands on practice sessions.
Vaskoe also offers Training/Workshops facilities at educational/engineering level through its educational division Waayoo offers programs for Advanced Robotics, Humanoid, Robotic Snake, Embedded System, Chip Designing and Linux System Programming. For more information about Waayoo services, please visit