Latest Launch
Me1 - Personal Robot System
Intended primarily for professional developers and universities, Me1 comes with Programmable control board with Microchip PIC controllers.
Me1 can be controlled in both autonomous and manual mode. One Wireless RCM(Remote controlled Module) is used to handle the Me1 in wireless mode.
From the remote manual and autonomous mode can be set.
Me1 comes with 12 InfraRed sensors placed at different positions to do common tasks like line following, Obstacle avoidance, Side Wall avoidance, measuring approaching objects speed from different directions simultaneously. Me1 has one Sharp Ultrasonic Sensor to perform long distance tasks
Camera modules and Vaskoe Robotic hand or any customized robotic hand can be easily mounted on it.
VRP 2.6 - Robotics Development Platform
The VRP 2.6 - Software Development Kit provides cutting edge technologies for vision, navigation and System Development. VRP is the platform of choice for hundred of R&D and Product Groups from prominent companies worldwide.
How VRP fits into a third party product.
Key benefits to VRP include :
Empowerment - VRP empowers users to create powerful systems, prototypes, and ultimately successful robotic products.
Breakthrough Technologies - features the most breakthrough technological advancements in Vision, Navigation and robotic architecture.
Cross-Platform Support - VRP can be used with more platforms than ever before. It can also be ported across different operating systems and hardware.
Ease of Use - VRP 2.6 comes with everything you need to develop your robotic product, including tutorials, complete documentation and APIs.

The Navigation technology in VRP 2.6 provides various functions that enable a robot to be fully autonomous and move safely in its environment all with a standard web camera as its primary sensor.
Specifically, with VRP Navigation a robot can:
  • move in its environment with knowledge of its location
  • build a map of its environment
  • plan efficient paths to reach destinations
  • locate and dock into stations to recharge its battery
  • avoid obstacles and hazards
The Navigation APIs provide access to functionality for controlling the movement of the robot including modules for teleoperation, obstacle avoidance, target following, localization, mapping, and path planning.
The vision API enables a robot or device to recognize 2D and 3D objects in real world settings where lighting and placement are not controlled.
The Vision APIs provide access to very powerful computer vision algorithms. These algorithms can analyze camera images and extract information that can be used for various tasks such as recognizing an object, detecting motion, or detecting skin.
The Interaction module provides a variety of component technologies for developing rich human-robot interfaces. These components support interfaces for command and control of a robot or device, and allow it to provide feedback about its internal status.
These components also enable the robot to interact in creative and interesting ways. VRP Interaction technologies consist of:
  • Speech recognition and text-to-speech for verbal interaction
  • Robot emotions and personality to create interesting and entertaining, life-like robot characters
  • Person detection and recognition of simple gestures such as a user nodding his or her head
Me2 - All Terrain Robot Platform
Vaskoe is soon launching its one of the most awaited products, Me2 - All Terrain Robotic Platform suited for high computation based outdoor/indoor application like Vision Processing, Video transferring and streaming.
All versions of Vaskoe Robotic Hands can be mounted easily at various positions onto it.
Stay tuned for information about Me2!