Setting up the Laboratory
Vaskoe provides solutions to setup a Robotics Research Laboratory in your Institutions by providing you all required infrastructure needed for Robotics work and research. Vaskoe can fulfills the following requirements while establishing the Laboratory.
  • All necessary infrastructure Instrument Desks, Tools Desks, Especially design Tables suited for Lab, comfortable chairs etc.
  • Programmable Robotics Kits - including Wheeled Mobile Robots, Hexapads, Robotic Snake, Humanoids
  • CAD Tools required for Robot Design from groundup
  • Different types of metals, synthetic and plastic materials
  • Several kind of Cutting tools, Rounding Tools,Sharpners and Drill Machines
  • Large category of motors, encoders and connectors
  • Necessary Sensors including vision, pressure, touch, Sharp Infrared and Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Beside these infrastructure, hardware and software setup, vaskoe can provide the training for your Faculties/Trainers to use all kind of Tools, Robotic Kits, Softwares and High level Logic and Algorithm Designing Techniques.